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1890 Census News Items

Los Angeles Times , July 10, 1890. "Breakfast-Table Talk. A good census story has been going the rounds the past few days. One of our enumerators tells of a woman who, in reply to the question where her two children were born, said: "The one to mother's and the other in the spare room."

New York Times, July 16, 1890. "Census Supervisor Murray of New York city says the women engaged as census enumerators did splendid work, and he regrets that he did not appoint all women. Some of the men resigned because of fatigue and the intense heat, but no woman made such complaint."

Los Angeles Times, June 19, 1890. "If our census enumerators had been allowed to include the people who ought to live in Pasadena and the people who would like to live here but don't, our population statistics would have been more satisfactory."

Los Angeles Times , July 29, 1890. "There are fifty thousand census enumerators, including four who did the work in Pasadena, waiting to receive their pay. The work of determining how much is due each man is one of some magnitude. There is a force of clerks who do nothing else but determine how much is due the enumerators. The schedules are in the hands of the clerks who are making the count of the population, and as this work takes precedence over everything else, the enumerators' accounts have to wait. However, more rapid progress will now be made with these accounts, and when the work is fairly begun it is expected that the accounts of five hundred enumerators will be settled each day. It has been arranged to pay that number each day, and at this rate it will take between three and four months to reach the last account."

Los Angeles Times, November 1, 1890 . "A bulletin today issued on the population of the United States says that the population of the country on June 1, 1890, as shown by the first count, exclusive of whites in the Indian Territory and Indians on the reservations and in Alaska, was 62,480,540. These figures may be slightly changed by late computation..."

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