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Webinars offer Jamboree-style seminars for up to 500 attendees per session, at no charge.

These original webcasts are available to all genealogists for free. Archive sessions are available to SCGS members in the SCGS members-only section of this website approximately three days following the webinar.

These one-hour webinar presentations are given each month and are conducted by professional genealogical speakers and expert lecturers. To view the webinar, you will need a computer with audio speakers or a headset. Those persons with a fast Internet connection (either broadband or DSL) will have the most satisfactory experience.

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Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, July 19 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
National Archives at Riverside: A Virtual Tour
by Sara Cochran

Tucked into an unassuming building off a major freeway in Riverside County are the Federal agency records from Arizona, Clark County Nevada, and Southern California. In this virtual tour, we'll visit the NARA website, plan a trip to the archive, and meet just a few of the genealogically rich record sets held here.

Sara Cochran has been conducting genealogical research for over 25 years, and her research has taken her into nearly every state in the USA as well as Ireland, Italy, Austria, and Britain. She holds a Boston University Genealogical Research Certificate as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Library Science. She especially enjoys breaking down brick walls for her clients, discovering the stories of black sheep ancestors, and helping individuals preserve their photographic legacy.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, August 16 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Introduction to Tracing Your Roots in Eastern Europe
by Amy Wachs

This presentation will address the challenges involved in tracing ancestry in Eastern Europe by providing an overview of how key historical events changed borders and influenced migration and the availability of records. Historical maps will be used to trace the influences of history on borders and the records available to researchers today. I will also explain, and show samples of, the types of records available.

Amy L. Wachs, JD, specializes in Eastern European and Jewish genealogy. She taught law in Latvia as a Fulbright Scholar and in Moldova as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. She has traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe, conducted research on-site at state archives in Lithuania and Poland, and visited archives in Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, September 20 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Landholders: Ranches to Land Grants
by Leslie Carney

Knowing the history of acquiring land and the conflicts of different political powers can lead to information about your landholder ancestors.

Leslie Carney, a Professional Genealogist and Speaker specializing in the Southwestern United States, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Native American Indian and Sonora Mexico. Over 30 years experience researching in various repositories, archives and documenting family history. A Speaker who enjoys educating others in the understanding of Social History, Genealogical issues and promoting the interest in genealogy. Leslie holds a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and an alumnus of the ProGen Study Group. A long-time member of Pima County Genealogical Society and past Board member.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Wednesday, October 18 6:00 PM - Pacific, 7:00 PM - Mountain, 8:00 PM - Central, 9:00 PM - Eastern
Nellie Was A Rebel: Using Unusual Sources to Find Her Child's Father
by Mary Risseeuw

A case study in how to utilize unusual, and little used sources, to unlock the stories of your ancestors. This lecture examines the use of County Board Proceedings as a greatly underutilized source that provides leads to fascinating details about your ancestor's lives. Examples show how a 5 cent discarded book provided clues that helped solve a mystery and provided more context to a family tragedy. Serendipity can happen to anyone!

Mary K. Risseeuw is a genealogist, historian, writer and lecturer with an emphasis on 19th and 20th Century Dutch emigration and Wisconsin history. She has been a researcher for over 30 years. She serves on the Board of the Association for the Advancement of Dutch American Studies. She organized the 2008 Dutch in Wisconsin Conference which was the first conference about Dutch immigration to Wisconsin.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, November 4 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
Family History Activities and Storytelling with Children and Grandchildren
by Karen A. Fortin

Passing on family stories and traditions can help strengthen family bonds and the self-identity and well-being of the children. This presentation looks at the importance of family storytelling and provides activity ideas that parents and grandparents can use to make learning family history fun.

Karen A. Fortin has degrees in History and Library and Information Science and a passion for research. She is a member of various local, state, and national genealogical societies, and loves to help people explore their family history so that they can better understand their ancestors and the world in which they lived. One of her goals is to help people explore historical periods, places, and events so that they can better understand their ancestors and the world in which they lived.
Date Start time is always Pacific Time
Saturday, December 2 10:00 AM - Pacific, 11:00 AM - Mountain, 12:00 PM - Central, 1:00 PM - Eastern
Social and Civic Clubs: What Archived Records are Available for Your Ancestor Who Volunteered
by Melissa Barker

In every community there were dozens of social and civic clubs to be a part of and volunteer. The Garden Clubs, Home Demonstration Clubs, Historical Societies, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs and so many more. Were your ancestors part of one of these clubs? Learn about the records that could be available in archives for genealogists to learn about their ancestor who volunteered.

Melissa Barker is a Certified Archives Manager at the Houston County, Tennessee Archives. She is a professional genealogist and lectures, teaches and writes about genealogy research, researching in archives and records preservation. She has a website,, and a blog at